Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a Grumpy World....

Hello out there in Handmade World! I must seem like a stranger.... It's been ages since my last review. Sigh... but I'm here!!
I know you will just adore this new review.... Grumpy Girl Candles!!! Yes. "The" GG. She doesn't seem too Grumpy to me though. Naw... not a bit.

I came across her site and just HAD TO HAVE a few candles to burn. Her scent descriptions sounded so luscious and unique. Totally different from the norm you usually find out there. Just from her scent descriptions, you can tell this chick does her own thang... dances to the beat of a different drum, so to speak. That's ok. We like that. Different is GOOD. Well... it's pretty damn awesome in my book!
I decided to order a jar candle and some of her Bitchin' Little Cubes. The scents I chose? Hmmm.... you're going to love this:
Strawberry Moonshine
High Maintainence
Ghetto Princess
Hot Summer Nights

My order was in my hands in a week. I practically tackled the mailman when I seen him with that box! I opened it up and was surprised to see such pretty packaging! I felt like it was my birthday! Colorful confetti.... colorful polka dot tissue paper.... I even had a little card, thanking me for my purchase. Awww... I felt so special!
Now... on to the review...

I purchased the large mason jar candle in Strawberry Moonshine. Oh. My. Gawd. Very drool-worthy. Smells like fresh strawberries. REALLY FRESH STRAWBERRIES. No fake stuff here. I also got some Bitchin' Little Cubes in High Maintainence, Ghetto Princess, and Hot Summer Nights. High Maintainence smelled really good too, kinda like how a clean house should smell. Ghetto Princess smelled lovely also. More on the perfumey side... so if you're the type who likes girly, perfumey scents, then Ghetto Princess is for you. Hot Summer Nights reminds me of.... A Hot Summer Night! I smell honeysuckle and jasmine in this one. And for some reason, I think of John Travolta when I sniff this one (maybe because of the song Summer Lovin' from Grease! John Travolta was SO HOT!)

Ok... time to talk about the burn on that jar candle. I'm very anal when it comes to a good burn on candles. If the flame is too high, I get paranoid. Do not give me a torch. If the glass starts getting black with soot... I get paranoid. I'm happy to say, I did not get any paranoia torch burning episodes at all burning these candles! They burned very well, and I felt like these candles lasted FOR-EVA. Really. For-frickin'-eva! I got my money's worth with these candles. Let's talk about scent throw. Ooooh. Strawberry Moonshine had the most powerful scent throw while burning. It filled up my whole room, including the bathroom and the room down the hall. I LOVE THIS CANDLE. I truly do. Oh... and it was such a clean burn! Seriously! No wax at all left adhered to the jar. Nothing. No wax. No soot. This is THE cleanest burning candle I have ever experienced.

As for the Bitchin' Little Cubes... these babies were pretty awesome too in the warmer. I would break out two little cubes from the clamshell and add it to my electric tart warmer... and the smell would waft through the house within minutes. The scent lasted for DAYS. Yes. Two little cubes in the warmer lasted for DAYS... I say about four days. I keep my warmer on all day long, and only turn it off at night before bed. Every morning I get up, and turn that sucker back on. So I had a chance to smell two little cubes of my John Travolta tarts for four days. (Read above paragraph if you don't catch the John Travolta joke). :)
So... even though I suck at math... let's do some calculations and figure this out:
Ok.. you get six little cubes in each Bitchin' Little Cubes clamshell. Two cubes in an electric warmer lasts four days. So each full Bitchin' Little Cubes clamshell will scent your home for a total of 12 days if you use two cubes at a time. And at the price she has them for (I think they are on sale right now)... YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT. Seriously. Because these little cubes are some powerhouses. Some Little Bitchin' Powerhouses. :)

Oh... I just can't forget to talk about Grumpy's Pies. Yes.... these little things are da bomb. First of all, these pies are THE cutest little things! The look so realistic, and smell just as real too... you'll want to take a bite out of them! I purchased the blackberry, apple cinnamon, and strawberry pies. They came packaged beautifully! I took each one out and placed them on the counter to relish in the cuteness. I took big whiffs of each one, and they made me hungry. I gave two away as gifts, and kept one for myself. It was a hard decision on which one to keep for my own use... but I settled on the blackberry because I love blackberry... the scent make me think of when I was younger.... picking blackberries in the country fields with my family. I placed my blackberry pie candle on a candle plate... took my handy dandy candle lighter and lit it up. About thirty minutes later, I started smelling the scent of blackberry pie wafting through my kitchen. Smelled divine. I love these little pies!
Oh... and the ones I gave as gifts... THEY LOVED THEM! So If you're looking for something cute, special, and unique to give as gifts... these would do just fine. Who wouldn't love a candle, that looks and smells like a pie?

Ok... in conclusion... I say go.

She has an Etsy Shop too!!

Go now. Go see Grumpy Girl. And buy some John Travolta Bitchin' Little Cubes (ok, ok... it's really called Hot Summer Nights). And get some candle pies. And don't forget the mason jar candles.... Tell her Pink Diva sent ya, and get 15% off your purchase. Mention my blog (Pink Diva Reviews) in the comments section!
Thanks Grumpy Girl!

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