Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Roll Babe!

Let me explain a little bit more about Pink Diva Reviews. Me... The Pink Diva Reviewer, (teehee I love that name!) will be reviewing and blogging about handmade items. Yes, handmade items that YOU make. Handmade items that YOU sell. Hey... let's face it. Everyone needs a little boost sometimes. And this is why Pink Diva Reviews was created. To give you, the indie business/crafter... a boost. What kind of boost you ask? Hmmm....

#1 A boost in your confidence. We have all experienced the blahs, the blues, or whatever you prefer to call it.... with our businesses or crafting. Either we don't get the sales we need/want.... or we get bad feedback from a tester on a product we were sure would be a hit. Or it could be any other particular thing that is happening in your life to bring you down. We all need that boost of confidence. Confidence in ourselves. And confidence in our products.

#2 A boost in website/shop traffic. Being a handmade product review site, I will be getting tons of traffic (I hope!)... traffic that will bring customers to your site. But since Pink Diva Reviews is brand spankin' new, I will need your help too to tell everyone about this review site. Tell your friends. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Tell everyone you know about Pink Diva Reviews. Bookmark me. Add me to your favorites. Visit me often. Follow me. And in turn, the more traffic I get... the more traffic the business getting reviewed gets. We will also be looking for websites and shops to feature their banner at the bottom of our blog. Each banner that is featured will have the spotlight for one entire week. This is all to help you. So... with a boost in website/shop traffic... comes.............

#3 A boost in sales!! Woot Woot! Oh yeah! This is what we need to aim for! A boost in sales! More traffic to your site means MORE SALES. More sales means... more $$buckaroos$$ for you!

So this is our plan at Pink Diva Reviews. To help the struggling indie/crafter businesses. To give a little boost. A little pat on the back. We all need it.

Now, to tell you about the "rules" of Pink Diva Reviews.

I will never email and ask you for free stuff, or samples, or whatever... like some review sites do. Some of the reviews I will do will be from products that I purchase myself, with my own funds. (Wow, how cool and unselfish is that??!! lol)
But with so many handmade sites out there, I'd have to be a millionaire to do the reviews I want/plan to do.
There are some sites that I haven't come across yet (I'm telling you, do you know how many handmade sites there are out there???), so if anyone out there wants me to review their products, feel free to shoot me an email. Again, I won't ask you for free stuff. But if you are REQUESTING for me to do a review and blog about your products, I will need something tangible to review right? :) So the rules are... if I find you first and purchase from you... it costs you nothing. If you request for me to review a product, all it costs you is a small sample plus shipping to me. I will never spam you... asking you for free stuff. That's just not my thing.

I'm sure that in time, I'll come up with more creative ideas and more fun stuff to do on Pink Diva Reviews. And if you have any ideas, don't be shy... let me know! Give me a holla!

So... what will I be reviewing you ask? Hmmm.... candles, bath and body products, jewelery (did I spell that right? jewlery? jewelery? Oh well...), pottery.... heck... anything! If you make it... I'll review it! As long as it's handmade by you, it's all good.

So, let all this sink in and by the time the next blog rolls around... the first review will be here! Yay! I'm so excited!


~*~~Pink Diva~~*~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pink Diva Reviews Coming Out!

Pink Diva Reviews is where you can find up-to-date reviews on handmade products. From scented candles, to bath and body products and everything in between.

I know how important it is for indie/craft businesses to get their product out there to the public. I hope that my reviews on handmade products will give consumers the push they need to start purchasing more handmade items, and at the same time, give indie/craft businesses more sales and the traffic that they need.

So lo and behold, Pink Diva Reviews was created. Created for you, indie crafters! For you!!
If you would like Pink Diva Reviews to review your product, give us a shout out! Our email is
PinkDivaReviews @ aol . com (remove the spaces). Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to do a review and blog about you and your product!!

Stay tuned, our first review should be coming up soon!


Pink Diva